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Privacy Statement for personal data protecton

Our website is operated by ”Orient Development Enterprises Co., Ltd.”. To protect personal data and maintain personal privacy right, we make the following statements to explain our purpose of collecting personal data, category, utilization scope, method, your rights and other matters; if you have any question about our privacy statement, related matters notified, or personal data protection, you can contact with our service center and we will reply to you as soon as possible. 

■ Scope of application

Our privacy statement and the notification matters included are only applicable to the websites possessed and operated by our company. Our website may cover many links as well as commodities or services provided by other partners. See the privacy statement for such links, partner’s websites or other merchant’s network shops, and also notification matters related to personal data protection on various links and network shops on partner’s website.  

■ Purpose and category

For the purpose of marketing, customer management & service, providing online shopping and other e-commerce services, fulfilling legal or agreed obligations, protecting the rights and interests of the parties involved and relevant interested parties, providing after-sales service, and operating business registration items or the businesses specified in Articles of Association, our website may, based on the nature of service, collect your name, contact information (including but not limited to phone number, e-mail, address, etc.), data for money collection or payment, IP address, and other personal data used for directly or indirectly identifying the user. Besides, in order to improve service quality, our website will record user’s IP address, browsing activities on relevant websites (for example, software & hardware and webpage used and clicked by user) and other data based on the service nature; however, these data are only used for usage analysis and network behavior investigation to improve service quality on the website. These data are only used to conduct aggregate analysis, which will not be relevant to particular individuals. 

■ Data utilization

The personal data collected by our website to identify users are merely processed and utilized internally based on the purpose of collection; unless otherwise stated in advance or necessity to provide service or fulfill the obligations of agreement, or relevant decrees, or competent authority’s commands or requirements, our website will not provide the personal data that can identify users to third-party (both home and abroad), or use the data for other purposes instead of collection. During the effective period of the contract and storage period as decree specifies, our website will continuously keep, deal with and utilize relevant data.    

■ Data security

Our website will protect personal data relying on the reasonable technology and procedure of industrial standard.

■ Rights of data subject

Data subject can request to inquire and read his/her personal data or obtain the copy, but he/she has to pay necessary cost and fees. If your personal data are changed or you discover your personal data are incorrect, you can ask us to modify or alter them. In case of purpose disappearance for collecting personal data or expiration of the period, you can require us to delete and stop dealing with or utilize your personal data. However, if our website uses the data for the purpose of fulfilling duties or conducting businesses, you cannot make the above requirement.  

■ Impact

In order to provide relevant services successfully, or complete or perform relevant transactions based on the nature of services, if you are not willing to provide us relevant personal data required by the services or transactions, and agree that our website collects, deals with, utilizes and transmits relevant personal data based on decrees, the privacy statement and relevant notification content, we will respect your decision. However, according to the nature or condition of such services, you may be unable to use this service or complete relevant transaction, and we will reserve the right of agreeing whether to provide relevant services or complete relevant transactions.   

■ Revision right

We are entitled to revise the privacy statements and relevant notification matters and release them on the website after revision, without notice. You can read the revised privacy statements and relevant notification matters on our website at any time. 

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