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Membership Terms

Welcome to join the Member of “Orient Web Store” built by “Orient Development Enterprises Co., Ltd.”. The Member Service (hereinafter referred to as “Service”) is provided by “Orient Development Enterprises Co., Ltd.” (hereinafter referred to as “our company”), and all users enjoying the Member Service (hereinafter referred to as “Member”) should carefully read the agreed terms below. When you use the service, it is deemed that you have carefully read and completely agreed on all contents of the service terms. If you disagree with any of the terms or all or partial service terms are invalid in your country or region, you should stop using the service immediately.      


1       To use the service, you must agree to provide correct and complete personal data based on the prompt of the service registration table, and do not register in the name of third party. You should maintain and update your personal data so as to ensure its correctness and completeness. If you provide wrong, false or incomplete data, our company has the right to terminate your account and refuse you to use the service. 

2       Member should keep the account and password well and not provide or disclose them to any third party, thus ensuring the usage security. All behaviors after login of the service system through specific account and password will be presumed to be conducted by the member. If member discovers or doubts the account or password is illegally used by any third party or misused, The member should report this to our company immediately, so that our company will take relevant measures. However, this should not be considered that our company provides ostensive or implied warranty or takes responsibility for compensation. And our company will assume no responsibility for compensation if your account and password are used by others illegally. 

3       When using the service, Member should agree to comply with the relevant measures and restrictions for the service; otherwise, our company has the right to terminate the account without notice:

3.1      Abide by all networking protocols, provisions and convention on Internet service.

3.2      Comply with decrees. Breaking the laws or infringing on right of others is strictly prohibited.

3.3      Using our website, network service and the Service for any illegal purpose is strictly prohibited.

3.4      Using our website and network service to conduct disruption or interference, or destroy or interfere in various data, functions and system of our website is strictly prohibited. 

3.5      Using our website and network service system to transmit any harassment, slander, threat, obscenity or any other improper and illegal information, data and contents is strictly prohibited.

3.6      Do not use, remake, or spread any works, data and signs at our website without the approval of our company.

3.7      If discovering any circumstance that user account is illegally used or account has security hole, Member should inform our company of it.

4       In consideration of maintaining transaction safety, our company will terminate member account and stop providing service and even remove or delete member registration data and service record if necessary when Member violate transaction safety or the service measures.  Member should understand and agree that our company will assume no responsibility for compensation for the misuse.

5       If member orders any commodity with “production suspension”, “understock”, “price fluctuation”, etc., our company reserves the right of accepting the order or not. 

6       Member agrees that our company has to send information about member service or marketing activity regularly or occasionally.

7       In case the system must be suspended or stop providing all or some services for routine maintenance, update or modification, our company will announce it through e-mail or on web homepage before service suspension or interruption, and then suspend system operation until relevant actions are completed.  

8       Our company will assume no responsibility for compensating for interruption, transaction failure, data loss, etc. due to the following circumstances in addition to intention or gross negligence.

8.1      Routine maintenance, update or modification is conducted to the system.

8.2      Natural disasters and other force majeure.

8.3      Sudden fault of electronic communication equipment.

8.4      The matters out of the control of our company lead to that your service information is incorrect or faked, altered, deleted or obtained by others.

8.5      Data damage due to backup mistake.

8.6      Member violates any governmental decrees or the service terms.

9       Our company reserves the right to revise contents of the terms and in consideration of business, our company is entitled to add, alter or cancel all or some member services or functions. We will not inform members of the above alteration, and Member can learn about relevant revision contents at our website at any time. If Member continue using the service, it is deemed that Member have read, understood and agreed on the revision contents. 

10    Our company makes a commitment to protect Member’s personal data for registration and storage. And the personal data collected by our website will not be revealed to any third party without Member’s consent, or used for other purposes except Member’s specified purpose and scope (Membership Terms VI), thus ensuring Member’s rights and interests. Data processing personnel in our company all keep a promise to make customer data confidential.   

11    Notice of our website and the service is sent through webpage announcement, e-mail, etc. In case it is sent through website announcement, it will be deemed that the notice has been sent to Member since the date of announcement; in case it is sent through e-mail, it is deemed that the notice has been sent to Member since the delivery date of e-mail.

12    The membership terms and relevant usage specification, measures, processing principles, and relevant service instruction, etc. are interpreted or applied in accordance with the decrees of R.O.C. It is agreed that disputes between Member and our company due to the service and membership terms are solved based on the principle of good faith. If it is necessary to take a legal action, Taiwan New Taipei District Court will be the competent court for the first instance.  


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